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Moor is a persistence library for Dart application on all kinds of platforms. It wraps sqlite3 and contains high-level apis to fluently write queries. It also comes with a custom parser and static analyzer for SQL queries, which it uses to generate Dart interfaces from SQL tables and statements.

I also maintain package:sqlite3, a low-level sqlite3 interface for Dart. It's written using dart:ffi.



Web3Dart is an Ethereum library for Dart. It can be used to sign and send transactions. It can also invoke smart contracts by implementing the Solidity ABI.


Fluttie was an (Android-only) Flutter plugin to access the Lottie animation library. I wrote the now-outdated package in 2017, way before Flutter had native views that make this easy now. Back then, we had to render frames to a bitmap and send that over to the Flutter engine - a fun exercise.

Projects I contributed to

I contributed to some tools from the Dart project, mainly the build system and the SDK.
In the first quarter of 2020, I received the Google Open Source Peer Bonus award for contributions I made to Dart's build system. Thank you Google!